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Interchange Rates

Accepting American Express Payments

Amex is a popular credit card used by many consumers from around the world. Customers using Amex tend to make larger purchases, with many Amex cards being used for business and corporate purchases.

In the past, Amex was the most expensive credit card to accept for business owners, causing many to reconsider whether or not they want to accept it at their business. Amex offers two different pricing options for businesses – ESA and OptBlue®.
  • ESA is American Express’ direct processing program, which means your account and transaction settlement is directly managed by American Express. If your business processes $1 million or more per year in Amex transactions you must have a direct account – your processor is no longer able to support your Amex account
  • OptBlue is a new processing option from Amex that offers wholesale pricing based on the industry and transaction amounts for businesses. It allows payment processors to offer Amex under an interchange plus, or cost-plus, pricing plan.

American Express OptBlue®

If your business is processing less than $1,000,000 per year in American Express transactions, you may qualify for the American Express OptBlue program. Your business can accept Amex credit cards under the same pricing structure as Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.
We simply pass on the wholesale cost from the card issuer and then add on a transparent, small fee. The tables below provide a breakdown of the current Amex OptBlue costs.
*Please note that some industries do not qualify for the Amex OptBlue program and are required to sign up with Amex directly on their website.

American Express OptBlue® Interchange Rates


Transaction Size


AMEX RETAIL < $75 1.60 % + 10¢
AMEX RETAIL < $1,000 1.95 % + 10¢
AMEX RETAIL < $1,000 2.40 % + 10¢
AMEX SERVICES < $400 1.60 % + 10¢
AMEX SERVICES < $3,000 1.95 % + 10¢
AMEX SERVICES > $3,000 2.40 % + 10¢
AMEX RESTAURANT < $25 1.85 % + 10¢
AMEX RESTAURANT < $150 2.45 % + 10¢
AMEX RESTAURANT > $150 2.75 % + 10¢
AMEX CATERERS < $25 1.85 % + 10¢
AMEX CATERERS < $150 2.45 % + 10¢
AMEX CATERERS > $150 2.75 % + 10¢
AMEX MAIL ORDER & INTERN < $150 1.70 % + 10¢
AMEX MAIL ORDER & INTERN < $3,000 2.05 % + 10¢
AMEX MAIL ORDER & INTERN > $3,000 2.50 % + 10¢

Assessments and Association Fees

AMEX NETWORK FEES (Applies to all transactions.) 0.15%
AMEX INTL CROSS BORDER FEE (Applies to all international transactions.) 0.40%
AMEX KEYED FEE (Applies to all manually keyed transactions.) 0.30%

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