Simple Pricing.
Zero Cancellation fee.

Because we want to earn your business every single day.

What you pay matters

Every dollar counts. That’s why our approach to pricing provides you with simple costs—and total transparency. We show you the wholesale costs and our fees, then we split our profits with credible charities to do more good in the world.

Happily, this doesn’t mean you pay more for our services. In many cases, our transparent pricing and competitive markup can save you money compared to other credit card processing companies.

Schedule a call with one of our Brightr Payments team members to learn more about pricing options for your business.

Totally Transparent Pricing

Interchange” is the wholesale pricing schedule issued by the card brands and it’s the same for every credit card processor..

And just like your business, we have additional costs over and above the wholesale cost of interchange. The “plus” portion of the pricing is how we cover the costs of doing business, contribute to amazing charities, and maybe enroll our kids in soccer or take a vacation.

Interchange-plus pricing is the most transparent pricing model available because you are paying our actual cost on every transaction, plus a clearly defined, totally transparent markup

Know What You’re Paying

Our fee structure is completely transparent

You deserve honest pricing, front and center. Most all credit card processors have similar fees, but don’t talk about them. We will never hide information from you or bury the fine print. So here’s our pricing structure in full detail. And, we have no cancellation fee for a reason…we want to earn your business—Every. Single. Day.

Charities Pricing Card
Retail Pricing Card
Mobile Pricing Card
Ecommerce Pricing Card

Not sure where to start?

Simple, Transparent Pricing

Face to Face

Brick & mortar stores, resteraunts, salons.

Interchange +0.25%

10 ¢ per transaction

$10 monthly


Phone app or wireless POS

Interchange +0.25%

15 ¢ per transaction

$10 monthly

$15 secure gateway

Ecomm & Virtual

Secure payment gateway or over the phone

Interchange +0.25%

15 ¢ per transaction

$10 monthly

$15 secure gateway

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